Newark NJ Armed Robbery Attorneys

Newark NJ Robbery AttorneysNewark NJ police officers recently apprehended a local man accused of committing an armed robbery and stealing an Xbox.

The suspect is a 22-year-old man who lives in Newark, New Jersey. According to law enforcement officials, the suspect pretended to be interested in buying the Xbox and set up a meeting with the sellers a

Newark NJ Robbery SuspectA Newark New Jersey man recently pleaded guilty to armed robbery charges in connection with multiple thefts at a local 7-Eleven.

The suspect, a 38-year-old resident of Newark, NJ, allegedly robbed the 7-Eleven on the 700 block of Broad Street. According to Essex County prosecutors, the suspect robbed the store four times. Moreover, the suspect

Newark NJ Robbery SuspectNewark New Jersey police recently arrested a man who allegedly committed an armed robbery at a local pharmacy.

According to the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, the suspect and two other men robbed the St. Peter’s Pharmacy on Ropes Place in the city’s North Ward. The suspects allegedly walked into the store around 10:00 a.m. on

Maplewood New Jersey Robbery SuspectMaplewood New Jersey police arrested a local man who allegedly used a knife to rob a teen and then injured a police officer while resisting arrest.

According to Maplewood NJ authorities, the suspect attacked a 17-year-old boy on Jacoby Street in Maplewood, NJ. Around 7:16 p.m., the victim dialed 911 and notified the Maplewood