Newark Drug Crime ChargesNewark NJ police conducted a drug crime investigation and ultimately arrested a total of 43 people.

The Newark Police Department started the investigation after getting word of illegal drug distribution throughout Newark.

Newark NJ detectives executed numerous search warrants and, over the course of just one week, made dozens of arrests of individuals accused of

Newark Heroin LawyersNewark police officers recently arrested a man accused of distributing drugs on a city street.

The suspect is a 25-year-old man who lives in Newark in Essex County, NJ. He was detained by Newark police officers who reportedly saw him selling illegal drugs near the intersection of 4th Avenue and North 12th Street.

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Cocaine Lawyers Newark NJA Newark police drug bust resulted in the arrests of 49 people and the seizure of large quantities of drugs.

The Newark Police Department got reports of illegal drug activity in the city, so authorities launched a major operation to stop the illegal sale of narcotics. Police eventually got warrants to search local homes. During