Newark Drug Crime ChargesNewark NJ police conducted a drug crime investigation and ultimately arrested a total of 43 people.

The Newark Police Department started the investigation after getting word of illegal drug distribution throughout Newark.

Newark NJ detectives executed numerous search warrants and, over the course of just one week, made dozens of arrests of individuals accused of selling drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and marijuana.

Newark law enforcement seized narcotics, firearms, and money believed to represent the proceeds of illegal drug distribution. According to officials, Newark cops confiscated around 1,300 decks of heroin, 223 vials filled with cocaine, 90 bags of marijuana, and 97 prescription pills.

Police also reportedly seized six guns, including two rifles and one shotgun.

The suspects have been charged with various crimes: heroin distribution, cocaine distribution, marijuana possession, and unlawful possession of a weapon.

For additional information, access the article, “Newark Sweep: 43 Arrested, $17K in Drugs, 6 Guns Seized.”