Law Enforcement Operation in Newark, NJ Nets $500K in Drugs

Drug Crime Attorney in Newark NJSince April 2017, a major operation to crack down on drug offenses and criminal weapons offenses on Newark streets has resulted in the arrest of nearly 2,000 people. The operation involved Essex County law enforcement and was spearheaded by the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office and the Newark Police Department. Police got involved after receiving numerous complaints about illegal drug activity in Newark, New Jersey. According to Newark Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose, the “quality of life complaints” came from Newark residents.

The law enforcement investigation in Newark lasted more than eight months. During that time, Newark police removed 127 guns, including handguns and assault rifles, from city streets. Police also seized drugs valued at more than $500K and $171K in cash believed to be proceeds of illegal drug activity. Authorities also arrested nearly 2,000 people in connection with the drug and weapons seizures.

Severe Penalties for Drug Offenses & Weapons Offenses in Newark, NJ

Anthony Ambrose stated that the police narcotics unit for working day and night to fight crime and improve life for the citizens of Newark, NJ. Ambrose said that the success of the law enforcement operation was “a testament to the commitment of [local] officers in making Newark safer.”

The people arrested by Newark police will face harsh penalties if ultimately convicted of felonies in Essex County Superior Court. Depending on the exact charges, the individuals arrested by authorities could be sentenced to as many as 20 years behind bars in New Jersey State Prison. In many cases, those arrested as part of the Newark law enforcement operations have been charged with marijuana possession, marijuana distribution, cocaine distribution, illegal handgun possession, and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.

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Anyone who has been charged with a weapons offense or a drug crime in Newark needs to have a skilled criminal defense attorney handling their case and helping them to contest the charges. Travis Tormey is an aggressive criminal lawyer with experience defending clients against felonies in Essex County Superior Court. Contact Attorney Tormey anytime to start building a strong defense.