Newark Synthetic Marijuana LawyersNewark NJ police are conducting an investigation after several individuals became sick due to their use of synthetic marijuana.

The Newark Police Department got an initial report of someone getting ill after ingesting synthetic pot around 8:12 a.m. Newark paramedics treated the victim, while Newark detectives investigated and tried to learn who might have sold the synthetic marijuana to the victim.

However, that was not the only victim of the day. Over the next five hours, Newark police received reports of at least nine other people becoming sick due to use of synthetic pot.

The Newark Department of Public Safety and the Newark Police Department are actively investigating the situation. Law enforcement has already released a statement indicating that the victims likely got sick from “having ingested synthetic marijuana.”

According to officials, the synthetic marijuana use, and the subsequent illnesses, happened at locations across Newark, New Jersey.

In April, Newark police conducted an investigation when around 40 people got sick from ingesting synthetic pot. Two people were ultimately arrested and charged with drug crimes in connection with those illnesses.

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