Newark Jewelry Store Robbery SuspectNewark NJ law enforcement is trying to identify and locate a man who allegedly robbed a local jewelry store, shot at the store owner, and committed a carjacking in order to escape.

The theft crime occurred just before noon on Thursday. According to officials, the suspect entered Vinhas Jewelers Inc. on Ferry Street and approached a store employee. The suspect allegedly brandished a handgun and ordered the employee to hand over Cuban gold chains.

Once the suspect had the gold chains, he reportedly exited the store and tried to make a run for it. The store owner followed him outside, prompting the suspect to allegedly fire a gunshot in his direction.

With the store owner trying to stop him, the suspect allegedly carjacked a woman on Polk Street and used her 2006 Nissan Altima to make his getaway. Police officers later found the stolen car on Somme Street in Newark, New Jersey.

Newark NJ detectives are investigating the theft and looking for the robber. Police obtained video surveillance footage and released photographs of the suspect.

If authorities can eventually identify and capture the suspect, he would probably face a number of criminal charges, including armed robbery, carjacking, aggravated assault, and weapons offenses.

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