Newark Drug Crime LawyersNewark New Jersey police arrested more than 150 individuals during drug raids across the city.

The massive crackdown on the sale of illegal narcotics in Newark NJ occurred over a one-week period and led to the seizure of large amounts of heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and prescription pills. Newark NJ police also reportedly seized multiple firearms during the drug sweep.

Newark Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose indicated that law enforcement arrested a total of 157 people and seized 475 decks of heroin, 264 vials of cocaine, 138 plastic bags of marijuana, and 19 prescription pain pills. Police also allegedly seized around $12,000 in cash that allegedly represents the proceeds of illegal drug sales.

The weapons allegedly seized by law enforcement are said to have included a semi-automatic rifle, a number of handguns, and a BB gun.

Newark authorities launched the major operation after getting several complaints from Newark NJ residents about illegal sales of drugs.

The people arrested in conjunction with the drug sweep face all kinds of criminal charges, including charges for distribution of heroin, distribution of cocaine, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, and unlawful possession of a weapon.

Anyone who is convicted of a felony-level drug offense or a felony-level criminal weapons charge likely faces significant prison time.

For more information, see the article, “157 Arrested, Guns, Drugs Seized in Newark Week-Long Sweep.”