Newark Airport Drug BustLaw enforcement arrested a man at Newark International Airport after they allegedly found him carrying a large amount of cocaine while walking through the terminal.

The arrest was made at the Newark NJ airport when US customs agents searched the suspect and his bags and reportedly discovered the illegal drugs.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials issued a statement indicating that police officers came across two packages that contained more than five pounds of cocaine. According to authorities, the illicit narcotics had been hidden in a pair of spandex shorts that were placed inside the suspect’s backpack.

Law enforcement later conducted a test of the white substance in the bag and reportedly determined that it was, in fact, cocaine.

Federal officials said that the street value of the illegal drugs was around $78K.

The suspect is a citizen of the Netherlands but will face criminal charges in the U.S. – and, specifically, in Essex County, New Jersey. He was arrested by Port Authority police before being turned over to the custody of the Essex County Police Department.

The suspect has been charged with numerous drug offenses, including possession of cocaine and possession with intent to distribute cocaine.

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