Newark NJ Marijuana Distribution LawyersNewark NJ police officers recently arrested two people who allegedly possessed a loaded handgun and sold drugs on a city street.

Detectives with the Newark Police Special Enforcement Bureau detectives were in the process of conducting surveillance near Avon Avenue and Peshine Avenue when they spotted the two suspects. According to authorities, the suspects were selling drugs.

Newark NJ cops quickly moved in and searched the suspects. Police allegedly found the suspects in possession of a small amount of marijuana and a Tec-9 semi-automatic pistol. The firearm reportedly had a magazine that was loaded with 33 bullets.

The two suspects are both residents of Newark, New Jersey. They face a number of criminal charges, including unlawful possession of a weapon and unlawful possession of a weapon with a large-capacity magazine.

One of the suspects also faces criminal charges for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana near school property, and a certain persons offense for being a convicted felon illegally in possession of a firearm.

For further information about this case, see the article, “Newark Teen Charged with Having Tec-9 Loaded with 33 Bullets.”