Newark NJ Criminal Defense LawyersNewark New Jersey police recently captured a man who was allegedly selling illegal drugs in the Valisburg section of the city.

The Newark Police Department received multiple calls about a suspicious person conducting drug transactions in the area. Detectives with the Newark Police Department Special Enforcement Bureau went to the neighborhood and allegedly observed the suspect in the process of selling illegal narcotics.

Police officers moved toward the suspect, prompting a brief chase. Newark NJ cops quickly subdued the suspect and arrested him.

During a search of the suspect, police allegedly discovered 49 vials of heroin, three vials of crack cocaine, and a.25-caliber pistol that was loaded. Additionally, Newark NJ police allegedly found an undisclosed amount of cash.

The suspect is a 22-year-old Newark NJ man. He has been charged with several crimes, including distribution of heroin, distribution of cocaine, and illegal possession of a handgun.

If the suspect is ultimately convicted on the most serious criminal charges, he could be sentenced to a lengthy term of incarceration in New Jersey State Prison.

For additional information about this case, view the article, “Newark Man Arrested with Loaded Gun, Drugs, Authorities Say.”