Bloomfield NJ Marijuana Possession LawyersA Newark New Jersey man is fighting drug possession charges and alleging that he was racially profiled by Bloomfield NJ police.

The man claims that he was stopped by police because he is a minority. When police officers talked to the driver, they reportedly said that they initiated the traffic stop because he was driving with a burnt-out headlight.

While talking to the driver, the Bloomfield NJ police officers allegedly smelled marijuana coming from the car. When the cops conducted a search of the vehicle, they allegedly discovered a small amount of pot. The driver was then placed under arrest and charged with simple possession of marijuana.

The man is arguing that the cops may have planted the marijuana in his vehicle. He also says that he was targeted and racially profiled by Bloomfield police.

The 24-year-old male, who lives in Newark, New Jersey, is now trying to get records to support his allegations of racial profiling by Bloomfield police.

The Bloomfield Police Department has heavily scrutinized in recent months, with Seton Hall University releasing a study showing that Bloomfield patrol officers have disproportionately targeted and racially profiled black and Latino drivers.

Additionally, Bloomfield NJ police is still dealing with the ramifications of a racial profiling lawsuit filed by Marcus Jeter, who claimed that Bloomfield police wrongfully arrested him in 2012. A police dashcam video reportedly showed Bloomfield NJ officers violently attacking Jeter. After the video went public, the arresting officers were sentenced to prison time.

For more information about the racial profiling allegations against Bloomfield police, read the article, “Bloomfield Police Again Accused of Racial Profiling, Report Says.”