Newark NJ Cocaine Distribution SuspectNewark NJ police recently arrested a number of men who were allegedly involved in drug transactions on city streets.

Police made the arrests in connection with different investigations conducted by the Essex County Sheriff’s Office Bureau of Narcotics.

The first arrest was made early in the morning when two patrol officers observed a 46-year-old man drive a silver SUV to the corner of South 16th Street and 15th Avenue. The suspect reportedly stopped the car, met another man, and handed over an unspecified amount of money in exchange for a plastic bag. The other man got into the suspect’s SUV and drove away, while the suspect remained behind.

According to officials, the suspect “furtively scanned the location” and then examined the bag. Police officers soon moved in on the suspect and placed him under arrest. A search of the bag reportedly led police to find103 envelopes of heroin.

Newark police made two more arrests sometime later in the area of South 15th Street and 14th Avenue. Undercover officers reportedly saw two local men loitering on the street. At some point, another man walked toward the suspects and handed them cash in exchange for an item thought to be heroin.

Police placed the two suspects under arrest and allegedly found them in possession of 57 decks of heroin.

A few hours later, Newark NJ police arrested a 23-year-old man who allegedly tried to sell one envelope of heroin in the area of South 19th Street and Avon Avenue. Police also arrested the alleged buyer, who was found in possession of 44 decks of heroin.

The last arrest of the day happened a few hours later, when Newark NJ police officers saw a Newark NJ man and an Irvington NJ man conduct a drug transaction on Frelinghuysen Avenue. A search of the suspects allegedly turned up 82 plastic bags of crack cocaine.

All of the suspects in the alleged drug deals were charged with various drug distribution crimes such as distribution of heroin and distribution of cocaine.

After being placed under arrest and processed, the suspects were taken to the Essex County Jail. The suspects were being held at the correctional facility on bail amounts ranging from $30,000 to $75,000.

For additional information about this case, view the article entitled “Essex Sheriff’s Officers Nab 6 for Selling Crack, Heroin in Newark.”