Newark NJ Crack Cocaine Possession ChargesNewark New Jersey police recently busted an accused gang member who allegedly sold drugs in the city.

According to authorities, undercover officers with the Essex County Sheriff’s Office saw the 30-year-old suspect in engaged in a drug transaction in the vicinity of Weequahic Avenue and Clinton Place in Newark, NJ. The police officers were at the scene because the Newark Police Department had received numerous complaints about open-air drug deals in the area.

Newark police allegedly observed the suspect put a black plastic bag in the bushes near the roadway. Not long after that, a 34-year-old man pulled up, talked to the suspect, and then took drugs from the plastic bag. He then allegedly handed the suspect an unspecified amount of money.

Police officers later searched the bushes and reportedly found 305 glassine envelopes of heroin, 146 bags of crack cocaine, and 22 bags of marijuana. According to law enforcement, the drugs have an estimated street value of roughly $5,000.

The suspect, who is from Irvington NJ, is allegedly a Crips gang member. She was charged with distribution of heroin, distribution of crack cocaine, and distribution of marijuana.

After being placed under arrest and charged, the suspect was transported to the Essex County Jail in Newark, New Jersey. She later managed to secure her release from jail by posting a cash bond of $200K.

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