West Orange NJ Kidnapping AttorneysWest Orange NJ police arrested two local residents accused of holding a teenager at gunpoint over a financial dispute.

According to law enforcement, the suspects held the 16-year-old victim at gunpoint for approximately 13 hours at a residence located on Ridgehurst Road in West Orange, New Jersey. The suspects were reportedly angry at the victim for stealing $250 from a nightstand inside the house.

While holding the victim, the suspects allegedly insisted that they would kill him if he failed to pay back the money he had taken. The victim later told police that the suspects finally released him when he promised to return the stolen cash.

The victim reportedly told authorities that he took the money, but only because he needed to reimburse himself for cash that had gone missing from his wallet after spending the night at the residence. The victim also claimed that the suspects stole his shoes and cellphone.

Once the victim was free, he contacted the West Orange Police Department. Police then dispatched officers to the house to conduct an investigation.

According to law enforcement, the house had actually been under surveillance for several weeks while police conducted a drug investigation. Authorities believed that the residents were engaging in illegal drug sales out of the residence.

West Orange police searched the home and allegedly discovered evidence of the kidnapping, as well as a pellet gun, marijuana, cocaine, and ecstasy. As a result, the suspects were placed under arrest and charged with kidnapping, armed robbery, terroristic threats, and weapons offenses.

Additionally, police arrested four other people at the house. The individuals were allegedly found in possession of marijuana. They were later released from police custody on their own recognizance.

After being arrested and processed, the two primary suspects were transported to the Essex County Jail in Newark, NJ. They are each being held at the correctional facility in lieu of separate $450,000 bail amounts.

For further information about this case, see NJ.com article entitled “Duo Held Teen at Gunpoint for 13 Hours After $250 Dispute, Cops Say.”