Bloomfield NJ Marijuana Distribution LawyersBloomfield New Jersey police arrested two men accused of selling mason jars filled with marijuana on a local street corner.

According to authorities, the illegal drug sales took place at the intersection of Belleville Avenue and Davey Street in Bloomfield, NJ.

The Bloomfield Police Department and the Essex County Sheriff’s Office formed a joint task force. Members of the task force reportedly observed the drug deals while conducting undercover surveillance. The task force was formed after police received several complaints about drug trafficking in the area.

Police officers allegedly witnessed the two main suspects accepting cash from a man and a woman. After the suspects got the money, they reportedly gave the buyers a glass mason jar filled with pot.

Police then converged on the suspects, including both the buyers and sellers. During a subsequent search of the suspects, members of the task force allegedly found the two alleged sellers in possession of 529 grams of marijuana. According to officials, the drugs have an estimated street value of approximately $5,000.

The two people accused of trying to buy the marijuana live in Woodland Park, New Jersey.

The two alleged sellers were arrested and charged with numerous drug offenses, including distribution of marijuana. Meanwhile, the two people accused of trying to buy the pot were charged with simple possession of marijuana.

If the two suspects charged with distribution of marijuana are eventually convicted, they face severe penalties. As set forth by N.J.S.A. 2C:35-5, distribution of between 1 ounce and 5 pounds of marijuana is a third degree criminal offense. A conviction for third degree marijuana distribution could lead to a sentence of up to 5 years in New Jersey State Prison.

Sometime after being arrested and charged, all of the suspects were released from custody on their own recognizance.

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