Newark New Jersey Shooting InvestigationNewark NJ police recently arrested two men accused of firing gunshots on West Bigelow Street in the former 5th Precinct.

Police officers with the Newark motorcycle squad were on patrol in the area when they heard the sound of gunshots. The officers ran to the scene and spoke with a number of witnesses. The witnesses told police that three men shot at them and then fled.

Police managed to capture two of the suspects a short time later. The third suspect ran off and got away.

According to law enforcement, police were able to locate a handgun which was lying on the ground near the site of the shooting.

The suspects, who hail from Newark and Irvington, have been charged with several weapons offenses, including unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose. The suspects have also been charged with aggravated assault for allegedly firing their weapons.

Additionally, the suspects face charges for drug crimes because police allegedly found them in possession of 84 glassine envelopes of illegal drugs.

After the arrests were made, the Newark police director praised the police officers for acting quickly to apprehend the suspects.

At this time, Newark police are actively investigating the shooting.

The Newark Police Department has asked for the public’s assistance in locating the third suspect in this case. Anyone who has information about the shooting or the suspect should contact the police department’s Crime Stoppers tip line at 877-NWK-TIPS or 877-NWK-GUNS.

For further information about this case, access the article entitled “Two Arrested Minutes After Shots Fired in Newark.”