Essex County NJ Murder Lawyers

Newark NJ Homicide AttorneysNew Jersey police recently arrested a Massachusetts man who allegedly murdered someone during a violent altercation.

The suspect, a 44-year-old male resident of Massachusetts, allegedly got into a fight with another man at a residence in Milford, MA. The altercation become extremely violent at one point, with the suspect allegedly grabbing a kitchen knife and

Three Brothers Killed in Newark NJNewark New Jersey police are looking into the murder of a local man, the third of three brothers who have been killed in recent years due to gun violence in Newark, NJ.

According to authorities, the 20-year-old victim was shot and killed as he walked along 11th Street in Newark NJ.

After being discovered by

Newark New Jersey Homicide AttorneysNewark NJ police are asking for the public’s assistance in locating the family of a possible homicide victim.

In late November, the Newark Police Department got a report about a missing person who lived at an apartment located on Hawthorne Avenue in Newark, New Jersey. A neighbor of the victim contacted police after not seeing