Newark NJ Aggravated Assault LawyersLaw enforcement in Newark New Jersey is investigating the recent assault of a local woman in front of a subway station.

The violent incident happened just after 5:40 a.m. outside the Branch Brook Park Newark City Subway on Heller Parkway in Newark, NJ. According to authorities, the victim was walking on the street when a man confronted her and assaulted her.

A dog walker later saw the victim lying on the pavement and dialed 911 to alert Newark NJ police, which dispatched cops and emergency medical responders to the scene.

The victim was taken via ambulance to University Hospital in Newark, where doctors treated her for her wounds. Authorities said that the victim suffered severe injuries in the violent attack.

The Newark Police Department, the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, and the Essex County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the violent crime and trying to determine the identity of the attacker.

If detectives can eventually identify and capture the suspect, he would likely be charged with aggravated assault. A conviction on aggravated assault charges could lead to a lengthy term of incarceration in New Jersey State Prison.

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