Newark NJ Simple Assault AttorneysNewark New Jersey police are investigating four separate shooting incidents over the weekend that resulted in six people suffering significant injuries.

The first incident occurred a short time before 10:00 p.m. on Saturday night. Someone reportedly fired several gunshots at a gathering of people near the intersection of 20th Street and 19th Avenue in Newark, NJ. Three people suffered gunshot wounds in the shooting.

The other shootings occurred the next day at spots throughout Newark, including the Bradley Court Public Housing Complex, Garside Street, and West Runyon Street.

All six shooting victims in the four shooting incidents were transported to University Hospital in Newark NJ. Doctors at the Newark medical facility treated the victims for their injuries. Four of the shooting victims were later released from the hospital, while two of the victims had to stay overnight.

The Essex County Prosecutor’s Office and the Newark Police Department are actively investigating the shootings. However, police have not yet made any arrests.

If any of the suspects are identified and apprehended, they will probably face criminal charges for aggravated assault or simple assault.

Anyone who has information about the shootings should get in touch with investigators at 877-695-8477.

For additional information, read the article, “6 Struck in 4 Shootings During Bloody Newark Weekend.”