Newark Aggravated Assault LawyersNewark NJ police are looking into a recent shooting incident that involved a police officer. According to law enforcement, the Newark cop fired gunshots at a suspect who allegedly tried to hit the cop with a car.

The violent incident happened around 1:30 a.m. The Newark NJ police officer stopped the suspect’s motor vehicle on South 11th Street in the South Ward of Newark and approached the vehicle. That’s when the suspect allegedly hit the gas pedal and attempted to run over the police officer.

Fortunately, the officer managed to avoid being struck by the car and did not suffer any injuries during the scary incident.

While the Newark officer was falling to the pavement, he reportedly used a firearm to fire several gunshots in the direction of the suspect.

The suspect allegedly drove away and eventually ended up at University Hospital in Newark, NJ. According to hospital officials, the suspect went to the Newark hospital because he requirement medical treatment for a gunshot wound.

Hospital employees notified police, which dispatched detectives to the scene to conduct an investigation. When police examined the suspect’s vehicle, which was parked near the emergency room, they reportedly noticed a bullet hole in the window.
Essex County Prosecutor’s Office detectives are actively investigating the police shooting and determining whether the officer followed police protocols.

Additionally, it remains possible that the suspect will be charged with aggravated assault in connection with the incident.

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