Shooting at Bloomfield NJ ClubAuthorities temporarily closed the Sports in the City Lounge in Bloomfield New Jersey after a shooting incident left six people with serious injuries.

The restaurant, which is near the border separating Bloomfield from Newark, was shut down after municipal inspectors reportedly found that the business was violating health and fire codes.

Meanwhile, detectives with both the Bloomfield Police Department and the Newark Police Department have been working together to investigate the shooting and determine the identities of the suspects.

Ballistics evidence recovered at the scene of the shooting reportedly indicates that three weapons were used to fire gunshots at up to 40 people inside the lounge. Six of those people were struck by bullets and required emergency medical treatment. The shooting victims include residents of East Orange, Newark, and Roselle.

Investigators are operating under the assumption that the shooter or shooters were targeting someone inside the building.

The restaurant garnered attention from health and safety inspectors in the aftermath of the shooting incident. Now the restaurant has been shut down due to alleged violations of health codes and fire codes.

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