Newark New Jersey Carjacking LawyersFour teens were placed under arrest after they allegedly crashed a carjacked minivan in Newark, NJ.

The scary auto accident occurred sometime 10:00 p.m. According to authorities, the teen suspects stole the minivan, a 2001 Nissan Quest, at gunpoint from someone earlier in the day. The carjacking victim notified the Newark Police Department, which sent out a report of the auto theft.

Two Newark NJ police officers later saw the van parked in the area of South 9th Street and 12th Avenue in Newark, NJ. When the cops approached the vehicle, the suspects allegedly hit the gas and tried to flee the scene.

Newark police officers pursued the vehicle, with the chase ultimately ending when the suspects allegedly crashed into a Toyota Corolla while driving through the intersection of South 10th Street and Central Avenue. The minivan then slammed into two more cars and flipped over.

Three suspects suffered injuries in the auto accident and had to be taken to nearby University Hospital for medical treatment.

All four suspects are teenagers who reside in Newark, New Jersey. They have been charged with receiving stolen property, while the suspect who allegedly drove the stolen van has also been charged with resisting arrest.

After being arrested and processed, the suspects were taken to the Essex County Youth Detention Center in Newark, NJ. They will be required to make appearances in Newark Family Court at a later date so that they can address the criminal charges against them.

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