Newark NJ Aggravated Assault LawyersNewark New Jersey police are looking into a recent shooting that left a man with serious injuries.

According to authorities, a group of Newark police officers, all of whom are rookies, were on patrol in the area of 18th Avenue when a driver alerted them to a shooting on the 70 block of Sunset Avenue.

The Newark NJ police officers went to the scene of the shooting and came across the victim lying on the ground. The 20-year-old victim, who had sustained a gunshot wound to the ankle, was taken to nearby University Hospital. Once the victim arrived at the hospital, doctors treated him for his gunshot-related injuries. After being treated, the victim was listed in stable condition.

The victim later talked to Newark investigators and said that he had been shot by multiple suspects who drove past him in a gray car, possibly a Nissan Sentra.

Detectives with the Newark Police Department Cease Fire Shooting Response Team are currently investigating the non-fatal shooting. Investigators have not yet been able to identify any of the shooting suspects.

If Newark detectives can determine who was responsible for the shooting, the suspects would probably face criminal charges for aggravated assault, with the potential for severe penalties. As set forth by N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1(b), a person who commits an assault with a deadly weapon like a handgun or knife can be charged with a third degree crime. A conviction on third degree aggravated assault charges could lead to a sentence of 3-5 years in New Jersey State Prison.

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