Montclair NJ Sexual Assault AttorneysA doctor from Montclair NJ allegedly sexually abused several patients at his office in Manhattan, New York.

According to officials, the 45-year-old suspect groped, and later ejaculated onto, a female patient he was treating at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NY. The 22-year-old patient had gone to the hospital’s emergency room so that she could be treated for shoulder pain.

When police officers talked to the suspect the next day, he allegedly said that his semen could have gotten onto the victim because he masturbated in the hospital lounge prior to treating her. The suspect told police that he forgot to wash his hands before talking to the patient.

Law enforcement has also said that the suspect drugged the victim by giving her an extra dose of highly powerful morphine before he sexually assaulted her.

In January, the victim came forward with the allegations of a sex offense by the doctor. Four other women later came forward to accuse the suspect of sexual assault.

The suspect, who lives in Montclair NJ and worked in New York, has been charged with multiple crimes, including two counts of sexual abuse and two counts of facilitating a sexual offense in NY. It’s still possible that the suspect could be subject to additional charges, depending on the outcome of the ongoing investigation.

While the suspect awaits trial in the case, he will not be able to practice medicine at Mt. Sinai Hospital anymore. That’s because hospital officials fired him shortly after criminal charges were filed.

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