Irvington Man Arrested After He Allegedly Exposed Himself to Woman at Hoboken Train Station

Irvington NJ Lewdness ChargesPort Authority police officers recently arrested an Irvington man who reportedly committed a lewd act at the PATH station in Hoboken, New Jersey. The suspect is Karim Durant, a 37-year-old man who lives in Irvington in Essex County, NJ. Durant has been accused of approaching a woman in her mid-20s at the Hoboken train station and exposing himself to her. The incident reportedly began when Durant “brushed against her” in an inappropriate manner. The victim later told police that Durant walked away from her, only to return a short time later and expose himself to her while standing on a train platform. Durant allegedly committed the lewd act in full view of the victim.

Durant allegedly followed the victim when she boarded a train that was headed to 33rd Street in New York City. The victim eventually alerted law enforcement about Durant. Port Authority cops later located Durant and arrested him.

Penalties for Lewdness in NJ

Durant faces several criminal charges in connection with the incident at the Hoboken PATH station, including charges for lewdness, stalking, harassment, and disorderly conduct. If Durant is convicted on any of these charges, he would be subject to penalties that include prison time, heavy fines, and sex offender registration requirements under Megan’s Law.

Lewdness is a sexual offense covered by the NJ Criminal Code under N.J.S.A. 2C:14-4. Lewdness can be classified as either a disorderly persons offense or a felony-level offense, depending on the underlying circumstances. A person can face lewdness charges if they intentionally expose their private parts in a public space and the lewd act is likely to be observed by someone who has not consented. A charge for a disorderly persons offense can result in a sentence of six (6) months in the county jail, while a charge for felony lewdness can lead to a sentence of 18 months in state prison.

Talk to an Essex County Criminal Defense Lawyer About Felony Lewdness Charges

A conviction for lewdness can have devastating consequences, but even an arrest for lewdness can be humiliating. That’s why it is imperative that you speak with a qualified criminal defense lawyer who can defend you against the charges. Travis J. Tormey, the founding partner of the Tormey Law Firm, is an experienced criminal attorney who knows how to help you fight sex offense charges in Essex County, New Jersey. If you face lewdness charges in Irvington, Newark, East Orange, or anywhere else in Essex County, contact Attorney Tormey now.