Newark NJ Prostitution LawyersNewark NJ law enforcement recently conducted an undercover sting operation and arrested 10 men on prostitution-related charges.

Police made the arrests in the South Ward of Newark, New Jersey. Several Newark cops went undercover and posed as prostitutes as part of the sting operation. Several other Newark police officers conducted surveillance in the area and reportedly saw the suspects illegally soliciting sexual services from the undercover officers.

The Newark Police Department initiated the investigation after getting numerous complaints from area residents concerned about prostitutes selling sexual services near Frelinghuysen Avenue.

After the solicitation suspects were arrested, Newark police had their cars towed from the area.

Three of the suspects reside in Newark, NJ, while the other suspects live in Carteret, Edinburg, Flemington, Harrison, Kearney, Lake Hiawatha, and Maplewood.

All of the suspects face criminal charges for solicitation. If any of the suspects are ultimately convicted on the sex offense charges, they could be in store for significant penalties. Solicitation is classified as a disorderly persons offense and carries a potential penalty of up to six months in the county jail. Moreover, anyone who is convicted of solicitation in New Jersey could also be required to register as a sex offender under Megan’s Law.

After the arrests were made, Newark Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose issued a statement and said that the Newark Police Department will not “tolerate” prostitution, solicitation, or any type of behavior that hurts local communities.

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