Fairfield NJ DWI Accident LawyersFairfield New Jersey police recently apprehended a Hackettstown NJ man who was allegedly drunk when he crashed his vehicle through an office building.

The car crash went down around 2:30 a.m. According to law enforcement, the 52-year-old suspect was behind the wheel of a 2013 black Ford vehicle on Route 46 in Fairfield at the time of the scary car accident. The car slammed into the first floor entrance of a building on the 600 block of the highway.

Fairfield police officers arrived at the scene and talked to a security guard at an adjoining hotel building. The guard reportedly saw the car accident and said that the suspect’s vehicle crashed through one side of the office building and eventually came to a stop on the other side of the building.

After the auto accident, the suspect allegedly fled the scene. He was seen driving westbound on Route 46. Fairfield NJ police officers ultimately caught up to the suspect and stopped his vehicle. The suspect’s car reportedly showed signs of significant damage.

When police officers talked to the suspect, they reportedly observed that he was intoxicated. Fairfield police conducted a field sobriety test and allegedly learned that the suspect was under the influence of alcohol.

The suspect was subsequently arrested and charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). He was also issued citations for a number of related traffic violations.

For further information about this case, read the NJ.com article, “Drunk Driver Plows through First Floor of Fairfield Office Building, Police Say.”