Newark NJ Carjacking AttorneysA carjacking and auto theft in Newark NJ ended with one of the suspects being killed by Newark police.

According to authorities, six suspects committed a carjacking early in the morning in Newark, New Jersey. The suspects allegedly stole a silver Jaguar sedan as the victim drove through the Valisburg section of Newark, NJ.

Newark police officers reportedly observed the suspects driving the stolen vehicle. Police then pursued the suspects through the South Ward.

The deadly incident occurred near Hawthorne Middle School. The stolen car came to a stop and police immediately captured three of the suspects; however, a fourth suspect was struck and killed by a patrol car.

The other two suspects attempted to flee the scene on foot, but they were soon found at a residence on West Runyon Street. The Newark Police Department’s Emergency Response Team arrived and tried to negotiate a peaceful resolution to the subsequent standoff. After several hours, the suspects finally exited the house and surrendered to authorities.

Investigators believe that the suspects might have also committed a robbery and shooting sometime after the carjacking incident.

The Newark Police Department has yet to release specific information about the suspects.

For further information about this case, read the article entitled “Carjacking Leads to Death of Suspect, Police Standoff in Newark, Officials Say.”