Newark NJ Handgun Possession LawyersNewark New Jersey police recently arrested a local man accused of carrying a handgun while driving in the city.

According to officials, the 28-year-old suspect was seen driving near South 19th Street and South Orange Avenue in Newark, NJ. A pedestrian reportedly spotted the suspect holding a handgun as he drove through the area.

The tipster contacted the Newark Police Department and provided police with a description of the suspect’s car, in addition to a partial license plate number for the vehicle.

Newark police dispatched officers to the scene. The officers included a number of detectives with the Cease Fire, Gang Enforcement and Newark Violence Reduction Initiative.

Police quickly located the suspect’s car. As police approached the vehicle, they reportedly noticed the suspect take something out of his waistband. The suspect then allegedly put the item at his feet inside the car.

Officers ordered the suspect and his passengers to exit the car. According to police, the suspect was visibly nervous as he got out of the car.

After everyone exited the vehicle, a detective shined a flashlight inside the car and reportedly saw the butt of a gun sticking out from a seat.

The suspect allegedly said that the gun belonged to him.

Police then arrested the suspect and charged him with illegal possession of a handgun, as well as other weapons offenses.

The investigation into the suspect remains active and ongoing. Anyone with information about the suspect or the alleged weapons offense is asked to contact the Newark Police Department’s Crime Stoppers tip line at 877-695-8477.

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