Newark NJ Carjacking InvestigationNewark NJ police are searching for a suspect in a violent carjacking that resulted in the victim suffering gunshot wounds.

According to law enforcement, the victim was driving a BMW rented out of Florida. The woman, who resides in New York, drove the rental car on the 100 block of Riverside Avenue in Newark NJ when the suspect reportedly approached her vehicle.

The suspect allegedly had a firearm as he tried to steal the car. At some point during the violent robbery, the suspect reportedly shot the victim. According to officials, the suspect fired three gunshots.

As a result of the gunshots, the victim suffered serious injuries to her head, arm, and wrist.

After gaining control of the car, the suspect fled the scene. Meanwhile the victim desperately tried to hail down another motorist and get help for her injuries.

A motorist stopped and offered assistance. The victim was later transported to nearby University Hospital, where she got medical treatment for her gun-related injuries.

The Newark Police Department dispatched officers to the scene after being notified of the carjacking incident. While conducting an investigation, Newark police officers reportedly discovered a number of shell casings of .380-caliber ammunition at the scene of the carjacking.

If the suspect is eventually identified and captured, he would face severe penalties. Carjacking is a special kind of auto theft or robbery because it involves the use of potentially deadly force or a threat to commit bodily injury. N.J.S.A. 2C:15-2 classifies carjacking as a first degree felony. A conviction on carjacking charges could result in a sentence of 10-30 years in New Jersey State Prison.

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