Newark NJ Weapons Offense LawyersNewark New Jersey police recently launched a drug operation that led to 200 arrests and the seizures of illegal narcotics and weapons.

Law enforcement started an investigation after receiving numerous complaints from Newark NJ residents about drug trafficking in the area. The subsequent police operation lasted from April 21 to May 20.

During that time, police made drug busts that led to the seizure of 20 illegal handguns and drugs that included heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. The narcotics allegedly included 2,163 packets of heroin, 1,076 vials of cocaine, 480 plastic bags filled with marijuana, and 11 prescription pills with a total street value of approximately $57K.

Moreover, Newark NJ police reportedly seized almost $20,000 in cash during the drug busts.

Anthony Ambrose, the Newark public safety director, issued a statement about the law enforcement operation and praised local Newark residents for helping police “to make Newark safer.”

To learn more, check out the article, “Month-Long Newark Drug Sweep Leads to 214 Arrests, Seizure of 20 Guns.”