Newark NJ Auto Theft LawyersNewark New Jersey law enforcement recently apprehended a local woman after police officers reportedly saw her driving a stolen vehicle in the city.

The woman allegedly stole the vehicle, a black BMW, from outside a home located in Newark, NJ. The Newark Police Department got a call about the auto theft and alerted patrol officers throughout Newark. A couple of patrol cops later spotted the stolen BMW traveling near South Orange Avenue and Grove Street. According to authorities, the driver was speeding at the time, which is what got the attention of the patrol cops.

Newark police officers gave chase, but eventually had to call in the assistance of a helicopter as they tracked the vehicle across the city. Police officers on board the helicopter were able to radio information to police officers on the streets below.

The suspect eventually came to a stop on Ivy Street in Newark NJ. At that point, three people reportedly exited the BMW. Newark cops quickly apprehended one of the suspects as she tried to climb a fence. However, the other vehicle occupants managed to get away.

The suspect who was apprehended is a 19-year-old Newark woman. She faces criminal charges for receiving stolen property.

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