Newark NJ Reckless Driving AttorneysNewark New Jersey police issued roughly 100 traffic summonses this past weekend while cracking down on street racing throughout the city.

Newark law enforcement is targeting street racing in areas of the city that are known to be popular sites for the illegal activity. That’s why many of the recent traffic citations were issued to people near Avenue P in Newark, NJ. Avenue P is known by some as “the hottest spot in the whole Tri-State” for illegal drag racing, according to a YouTube video posted back in 2012. Newark Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose seemed to confirm this when he said that Newark NJ police are focusing on the Ironbound area of Newark.

In addition to issuing the traffic tickets, Newark NJ cops also arrested one individual who was allegedly operating a motor vehicle without a valid license.

Newark NJ Residents Put in Danger by Street Racing

The reason for the crackdown on illegal street racing in Newark NJ is that the activity is incredibly dangerous. As drag racing has become more and more popular, people from other municipalities have started to come to Newark to either participate in the street racing competitions or watch the competitions. The increased popularity of street racing in Newark has put more people at risk of serious injuries and even death.

During this past weekend, Newark traffic officers cited several Jersey City residents for street racing. Traffic citations were also issued to people from Elizabeth, Union City, and, of course, Newark.

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