Newark NJ Illegal Handgun Possession AttorneysPolice in Newark New Jersey recently arrested two men who were allegedly in possession of weapons while sitting a parked car.

Members of the Newark Police Firearms Interdiction Team were on patrol in Newark’s West Ward around midnight when they observed a group of people standing near a parked Mustang convertible. The motor vehicle was located at the intersection of South 17th Street and South Orange Avenue in Newark, NJ.

The police officers walked toward the car and reportedly observed two people get inside the vehicle and start to move.

Once the officers got close to the vehicle, they peered inside and allegedly saw an open beer container visible in the car’s center console.

Additionally, police reportedly saw one person trying to hide an item in the backseat by kicking it.

Newark police ordered two people to step out of the vehicle. As the suspects exited the car, police reportedly saw a loaded .40-caliber handgun on the vehicle floor, near the feet of one of the suspects.

The two suspects are siblings: an 18-year-old man and 17-year-old brother. Both suspects were arrested at the scene and charged with multiple gun crimes, including unlawful possession of a weapon.

If the suspects are ultimately convicted of the most serious charges of illegal possession of a handgun, they would be subject to significant penalties. N.J.S.A. 2C:39-5(b), unlawful possession of a weapon such as a handgun may be classified as a second degree crime and is punishable by a sentence of 5-10 years in NJ State Prison.

The Newark Police Department is currently investigating the case. Members of the public with information about the suspects or the alleged weapons offenses should call the Newark Police Crime Stoppers tip line at 877-NWK-TIPS.

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