Newark New Jersey Counterfeiting AttorneysPolice recently arrested two men who allegedly had more than 12,000 stolen and counterfeited CDs and DVDs at stores in Newark, New Jersey.

According to the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, a 44-year-old Irvington NJ man and a 50-year-old Newark man were in possession of counterfeit items valued at more than $65,000.

A number of law enforcement agencies and departments collaborated on a lengthy investigation. Over a period of six months, the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office Intellectual Property Task Force and the Department of Homeland Security looked into allegations against the suspects.

The investigation culminated in the Essex County Intellectual Property Crimes Unit and task force conducting raids on two Newark stores. The raids were conducted at K&K General Merchandise on William Street and Dollar City General Store on Springfield Avenue.

After being placed under arrest, the suspects were charged with counterfeiting and pirating. If the suspects are convicted on the theft and fraud offenses, they would be subject to significant penalties.

Although many mistakenly view counterfeiting and piracy as “victimless” crimes, the reality is that these crimes have negative effects on law-abiding citizens.

An assistant prosecutor said in a press release that the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office plans to vigorously pursue convictions in the case because counterfeiting “has a negative impact on those who work rightfully behind the counters, thus robbing them of the proceeds they are entitled to for the work they’ve done.”

For further information about this case, see article entitled “Bust Finds $65K Worth of Counterfeit CDs, DVDs in 2 Newark Stores, Authorities Say.”