Grand Jury Indicts Essex County Employee on Insurance Claims Fraud

Essex County NJ Fraud SuspectA Perth Amboy, NJ woman who is employed by the Essex County welfare division in East Orange was recently indicted by a New Jersey Superior Court grand jury on charges of insurance fraud. The suspect is Fatu K. Rimbert, a 31-year-old resident of East Orange, New Jersey. According to the NJ Attorney’s General’s Office, Rimbert filed bogus insurance claims and received more than $7K in wage reimbursement and disability payments through her Essex County job.

Rimbert reportedly tried to get reimbursed for lost wages after telling her bosses that she was involved in at least two auto accidents in December 2014 and October 2015. However, officials later found out that Rimbert may have been lying about the car accidents and about the extent of her injuries. New Jersey Attorney General Christopher S. Porrino recently issued a statement about the case and said that Rimbert “illegally padded her claims” filed with Progressive Insurance Company and Minnesota Life Insurance Company in order to collect insurance payouts and disability payments. When the insurance providers became suspicious of Rimbert, they notified NJ law enforcement officials.

Penalties for Theft & Fraud Crimes in NJ

Detectives with the New Jersey State Attorney General’s Office investigated Rimbert and determined that enough evidence existed to arrest. Rimbert was charged with insurance fraud, theft by deception, and impersonation. Although investigators said that Rimbert probably forged employer documents, she was not charged with forgery.

If Rimbert does not reach a plea deal with New Jersey prosecutors, she may have to make her case to a jury at trial in NJ Superior Court in Trenton. Although prosecutors usually try make plea agreements in fraud cases because these cases don’t involve the use or threat of violence, even a plea deal could mean prison time for Rimbert.

NJ Attorney General Christopher Porrino has cautioned anyone in New Jersey who might be thinking that it’s okay to commit fraud. It may seem like “an easy way to obtain a few extra bucks from [an] insurance company,” said Porrino, but it will likely end badly the offender. Even if the insurance payout is small, added acting Insurance Fraud Prosecutor Christopher Iu, New Jersey prosecutors will seek maximum penalties in these types of cases because insurance fraud causes everyone else’s rates to go up.

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