Newark NJ Prisoner EscapeA prisoner recently escaped from police custody at University Hospital in Newark, NJ.

This represented the second time in the past four months that an Essex County prisoner has managed to escape while receiving medical treatment at the Newark New Jersey hospital. In March 2015, a 46-year-old suspect allegedly walked out of a guarded hospital room and exited the hospital.

The most recent prisoner escape attempt happened during the early morning hours when the 34-year-old suspect left University Hospital without being noticed by police officers or hospital staff.

The suspect was apprehended roughly an hour later when three Newark NJ police officers saw him walking along the 60th block of Hinsdale Place in Newark. The police officers were able to place the suspect under arrest without further incident.

The Newark Police Department director later issued a statement commending the three police officers who located and captured the escapee.

The Newark Police Department Internal Affairs Unit is actively investigating how the prisoner escaped from custody and evaded police on his way out of the hospital. Authorities have yet to reveal any details about that internal investigation.

Prior to the alleged escape attempt, the suspect was already facing charges for possession of drug paraphernalia. Now the suspect faces additional charges for escaping custody.

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