Murder Defense Lawyer in Newark NJA Newark man convicted in the violent kidnapping and murder of a Green Brook, New Jersey woman has won an appeal that calls for him to be re-sentenced.

In 2008, the suspect reportedly kidnapped the 35-year-old victim during a robbery attempt. The suspect was reportedly having an affair with the victim and learned that her boyfriend had a safe filled with cash in their Green Brook, NJ home.

The suspect and his three alleged co-conspirators allegedly shot the victim to death and then left her body in a car in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Additionally, the suspect allegedly set fire to the victim’s body.

In 2014, a jury convicted the suspect on several criminal charges, including charges for kidnapping and first degree murder. The jury acquitted the suspect on charges of arson.

The suspect later appealed his conviction and the life sentence he received.

Now an appeals court has ruled that the suspect should be resentenced because the trial court judge erred in considering arson as an “aggravating factor” in the sentencing.

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