Newark NJ Robbery SuspectsNewark New Jersey police arrested three local men who allegedly committed an armed robbery.

The suspects have been accused of robbing two people late at night while the victims walked near the intersection of Chestnut Street and Oliver Street in the Ironbound part of Newark, NJ.

The victims found a couple of Newark police officers on patrol and alerted them to the theft incident. The victims, a man and a woman, told police that they were robbed while walking along Chestnut Street.

Newark NJ cops soon found the suspects in a Ford Expedition SUV.

While searching the suspects’ vehicle, police reportedly discovered a loaded .9mm gun and illegal narcotics that included 14 baggies filled with marijuana, 13 vials of crack cocaine, and 15 glassine envelopes of heroin. Authorities later learned that the handgun was reportedly stolen out of Florida.

The three suspects are from Newark, NJ. They face multiple criminal charges, including armed robbery, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, cocaine possession, heroin possession, and weapons offenses.

For further information about this case, access the article, “Police Say 3 Arrested, Gun Recovered After Ironbound Robberies.”