Montclair NJ Theft AttorneysMontclair New Jersey police are searching for a man who allegedly stole a very expensive bicycle from a local bicycle shop.

The suspect reportedly committed the theft offense at Diamond Cycle on Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair, NJ. According to store workers, the suspect spent a long time looking around the shop, then jumped on a 2014 black and yellow Cannondale Scalpel bicycle that had been left at the store to be repaired. The suspect allegedly took the bike out a back door and rode off.

Store employees saw the theft and dialed 911 to notify the Montclair Police Department.

Montclair NJ detectives are currently investigating the theft crime and trying to find the suspect. He was described as a 25-year-old black man with long hair and a thin build.

The stolen bike is believed to have a retail value of $3,750, which could have an impact on the severity of the criminal charges that the suspect might face.
Anyone who has information about the suspect or the theft offense should contact Montclair detectives.

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