West Orange NJ Robbery LawyersWest Orange NJ police are trying to find a man accused of robbing a bank on Saturday.

The theft incident occurred just before 2:00 p.m. According to law enforcement, the suspect walked into the TD Bank on Pleasant Valley Way in West Orange and approached a teller. He then allegedly gave the teller a note demanding cash. The note reportedly stated that the suspect would use a handgun to shoot the worker unless he handed over the money.

After getting approximately $1,300 in cash, the suspect left the building and fled the scene.

Fortunately, nobody was hurt during the robbery.

The West Orange Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are investigating the bank robbery. Investigators are operating under the assumption that the suspect may have been responsible for another TD Bank robbery in Roseland, NJ.

If police can identify and arrest the suspect, he would probably face charges for armed robbery, theft of movable property, and weapons offenses.

For additional information about this case, check out the NJ.com article, “Armed Robber Makes Off with $1.3K in Afternoon Bank Heist.”