Newark NJ Theft ChargesA Byram Township man has been accused of stealing money from a police officers’ labor organization in Essex County, New Jersey.

The suspect, a 45-year-old resident of Byram NJ, works for the Essex County Sheriff’s Office. While serving as the head of Essex County Sheriff’s Officers PBA Local 183, the suspect allegedly stole more than $14,000 to cover his personal expenses.

PBA Local 183 is part of the NJ State Policemen’s Benevolent Association (NJSPBA), a labor union for police officers in New Jersey.

According authorities, the suspect used a local PBA credit card to pay for expensive repairs to his personal motor vehicle.

When PBA Local 183 officials learned about the alleged crime, they alerted local law enforcement. Essex County Prosecutor’s Office detectives subsequently investigated and eventually placed the suspect under arrest.

The suspect now faces serious criminal charges for theft by deception.

Anyone who has information about the suspect or his alleged theft from the Essex County labor union should call investigators at 862-520-3700.

For further information about this case, go to the article, “Ex-PBA President Charged with Theft.”