Newark New Jersey Robbery ChargesNewark law enforcement is searching for a local man who allegedly shot at police officers while fleeing a botched robbery attempt.

The violent incident occurred on November 11, 2016. According to officials, the suspect and two other men were attempting to rob Jackie’s Kids Clothing Store, which is located on Broad Street in Newark, when cops came along.

The suspects allegedly exited the children’s clothing store and attempted to flee the scene on foot. During the ensuing police chase, the main suspect reportedly shot at the police officers. The Newark cops returned fire. Fortunately, nobody sustained any injuries during the shooting incident.

Newark detectives investigated the robbery and eventually identified the main suspect as a 43-year-old resident of Newark, NJ.

Law enforcement has already captured the other two suspects in the robbery. They currently face criminal charges for armed robbery.

Meanwhile, police are still trying to find the Newark NJ suspect who allegedly shot at the police officers. When the suspect is apprehended, he will have to answer criminal charges for armed robbery and aggravated assault.

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