Newark NJ Homicide AttorneysNewark NJ police were on the lookout for a man who allegedly shot and killed a clerk at a bodega on Runyon Street.

The homicide occurred just before 9:00 a.m. According to authorities, a male suspect entered Dalbert Grocery, which is located at 277 Runyon Street, approached the store clerk, and fired several gunshots. The suspect allegedly stole money from the cash register and fled the scene on foot.

The victim, a 55-year-old Newark resident, was later transported to University Hospital in Newark NJ. Doctors tried valiantly to save the victim, but he was pronounced dead a short time after arrival at the medical facility.

A spokesperson for the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office issued a statement and noted that investigators have yet to determine whether theft was the primary motive for the killing or if there was some other motive. The Essex County Prosecutor’s Office and the Newark Police Department are conducting a joint investigation into the homicide.

If Newark police can eventually identify and apprehend the suspect, he would probably be subject to first degree murder charges. A conviction for first degree murder could result in a minimum punishment of 30 years in state prison, with a potential punishment of life imprisonment.

For more information about this case, go to the New Jersey News 12 article, “Police Search for Gunmen Who Killed Bodega Clerk in Newark.”