Nutley NJ Theft Crime LawyersPolice in Nutley New Jersey finally arrested a man who has allegedly been stealing religious statues from front lawns since the beginning of the year.

According to authorities, the suspect stole as many as 30 religious statues, in addition to other items such as lawn furniture and planters, from lawns in Nutley, NJ. The thefts reportedly date all the way back to January 1.

The suspect allegedly stole the possessions while the residents were not home. He then reportedly sold the stolen items on OfferUp, a website for re-sold items. When law enforcement placed the suspect under arrest, he reportedly had many listings on the site.

The Nutley Police Department investigated the thefts for quite some time, but detectives were unable to identify the suspect. Police eventually released video surveillance footage showing the culprit in the act of committing a theft, which prompted a concern citizen to call authorities and identify the suspect. Afterwards, Nutley NJ police located and arrested the suspect.

The suspect is said to be cooperating with police and has reportedly expressed remorse for the theft crimes.

Nutley law enforcement is currently investigating the suspect for other thefts committed in neighboring communities.

For additional information about this case, view the article, “Man Accused of Stealing 30 Religious Statues from Neighbors to Sell Online.”