Newark NJ Juvenile Crime AttorneysNewark New Jersey police arrested two minors who allegedly stole a Jeep in Jersey City, NJ.

According to law enforcement, the suspects were with another person when they stole the Jeep from outside a house in Jersey City, New Jersey. The vehicle owner noticed that his Jeep was gone and alerted the Jersey City Police Department to the auto theft. Jersey City NJ police subsequently issued an alert to law enforcement agencies across the state.

Newark NJ patrol cops later noticed the stolen Jeep driving in the area of Clinton Avenue and Chadwick Avenue in Newark, NJ. The Newark police officers followed the Jeep as it pulled into the driveway of a residence located on Peshine Avenue. When the Newark cops pulled up behind the Jeep, the three occupants allegedly exited the motor vehicle and tried to make a run for it. Police officers managed to track down and arrest two of the suspects; however, the third suspect was able to get away from the Newark cops.

The two suspects who were arrested are said to be juveniles. They have been charged with theft of movable property. However, assuming that they are charged as juveniles instead of being charged as adults, the underage suspects could wind up going through the NJ juvenile justice system.

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