Newark New Jersey Robbery SuspectsNewark New Jersey police recently apprehended three individuals who were reportedly fleeing the scene of an armed robbery at a local business.

The robbery went down in the afternoon at a laundromat on Bloomfield Avenue in Newark, NJ. Two Newark NJ cops were on patrol and looking in on local businesses when they got a dispatch about a robbery in progress just one block away.

The Newark police officers investigated and reportedly came across the three suspects running from the laundromat and getting into a stolen car.

The Newark patrol cops were soon joined by a team of Newark police officers, with all of the officers giving chase. When the suspects’ car stalled on Berkley Avenue, the suspects allegedly got out of the vehicle and attempted to run away.

The Newark NJ police officers quickly captured the suspects.

While placing the suspects under arrest, cops allegedly discovered one of the men with stolen cash and a knife.

The three suspects include one juvenile and two adults. All of the suspects are residents of Newark, NJ.

The suspects face several criminal charges, including armed robbery, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, and conspiracy. The suspects have also been charged with receiving stolen property because of the vehicle that was allegedly stolen.

According to the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, the suspects may be connected to a number of other robberies and thefts recently committed in Newark, New Jersey.

The police officers who arrested the suspects are part of the Newark Community Deployment Team, which encourages improved community interaction by placing recent Newark police academy graduates directly on the streets of Newark.

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