Newark NJ Armed Robbery LawyersPolice in Newark New Jersey apprehended a man accused of attempting to commit an armed robbery at a gas station.

The theft incident went down at a gas station Newark’s South Ward. The suspect reportedly walked into the Exxon station located at 1 Elizabeth Avenue in Newark and approached a couple of store employees. The suspect then allegedly demanded that the workers hand over cash from the store register.

The store workers were able to thwart the robbery attempt by grabbing the suspect and holding him until police could get to the gas station.
Newark NJ police officers arrived at the store a short time later and arrested the 38-year-old suspect.

Newark NJ detectives are actively investigating the robbery and continue to gather evidence in the case. It’s possible that the suspect could be subject to additional criminal charges for weapons offenses. Investigators also said that the suspect may be connected to several other thefts committed in Newark NJ in the past few months.

If the suspect is ultimately convicted on the armed robbery charges, he would face significant penalties. As set forth by N.J.S.A. 2C:15-1, anyone who commits a theft while armed with a deadly weapon, like a handgun or a knife, can be charged with a first degree crime. A conviction for first degree armed robbery could result in a sentence of 10-20 years in NJ State Prison.

Newark police are asking for the public’s assistance with the investigation. Anyone with information about the robbery or the suspect should call the Newark Police Department’s Crime Stoppers tip line at 877-NWK-TIPS or 877-NWK-GUNS.

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