Newark NJ Armed Robbery LawyersNewark NJ police recently apprehended two men who allegedly committed separate armed robberies.

According to law enforcement, the first suspect was seen committing a shoplifting offense at the 7-11 store on Broad Street at Market Street in Newark, NJ. The store manager walked toward the suspect, at which point the suspect reportedly brandished a knife and threatened the manager.

Remarkably, the suspect allegedly came back to the store a few days later and attempted to shoplift once again. The manager dialed 911 and contacted the Newark Police Department, which quickly dispatched officers to the scene.

Newark police officers showed up at the store and placed the 36-year-old suspect under arrest. The suspect was subsequently charged with several crimes, including armed robbery and unlawful possession of a weapon.

The second suspect was captured after he allegedly robbed a Newark man. The suspect allegedly got away with the victim’s wallet and cell phone. He later reportedly tried to sell the items at a local pawn shop.

Newark police officers searched the area and managed to locate the suspect walking along the 800 block of Broad Street in Newark, NJ. The suspect, who resides in Texas, was placed under arrest without further incident and charged with multiple criminal offenses, including robbery and unlawful possession of a weapon.

While issuing an announcement of the arrests, Newark Police Director Eugene Venable praised the police officers who conducted the investigations and apprehended the suspects. Venable said that the officers, who work with the Newark Police Metro Division, represented “community policing at its best.”

The Newark Police Department has asked for the public’s assistance with the investigations into the recent thefts. Anyone with information about the robberies or the suspects should call the Newark Police Crime Stoppers tip line at 877-NWK-TIPS or 877-NWK-GUNS.

For further information about this case, see the article entitled “Newark Robbery Suspect Nabbed After Trying to Hit Same Store Twice, Police Say.”