Newark NJ Illegal Handgun AttorneysNewark New Jersey police arrested two men on weapons offenses in separate incidents on city streets.

The first incident happened shortly before 11:30 p.m. According to law enforcement, members of the Newark Violence Reduction Initiative were patrolling the area near Vermont Avenue and 18th Avenue in Newark when they saw two suspicious individuals. The initiative is a law enforcement task force including personnel from NJ State Police.

As soon as the two suspects noticed the police officers, one of the men allegedly began to walk away. The man, a 30-year-old from Newark NJ, reportedly adjusted a gun in his waistband as he moved away from the officers.

A couple of police officers exited their patrol car, allegedly causing the suspect to throw the handgun and try to climb a nearby fence. A detective quickly apprehended the man and arrested him.

Police officers were later able to recover the handgun, which is allegedly a defaced 9mm. According to authorities, the handgun was loaded.

The suspect was charged with a number of crimes, including unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, possession of a defaced weapon, and possession of hollow-point bullets.

The suspect is reportedly in the Supervision Appearance Program, which is part of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) program. As a result, he could face deportation if he is convicted of a felony.

Approximately two hours after arresting the first suspect, Newark police officers arrested another individual. The suspect was reportedly stopped from committing a burglary.

The Newark Police Department got a call about a burglary in progress in the 90s block of First Street in Newark, NJ. When police officers showed up at the scene, they allegedly discovered a man matching the burglar’s description.

As police officers moved toward the suspect, he reportedly removed a gun from his waistband and tossed it onto a roof. Police were able to quickly capture the suspect. Police officers also allegedly recovered the .25-caliber handgun.

The suspect was subsequently charged with burglary and unlawful possession of a weapon.

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